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Planning to Bring a Child Into the World?
Consider This . . . Before couples plan to conceive, it is essential that they work on improving their nutritional profile. The recent rise in childhood diseases is indicative of the harmful consequences of parents ignoring their health before conceiving.
The rate of autism among American children has nearly doubled over the past decade, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), jumping from about one in 150 children in 2000 to one in 88 children in 2008, which is the last time official estimates were calculated. One in 10 American children now has asthma and the rates are sharply increasing according to the CDC. Childhood cancer, rare just decades ago is also on the rise including a 30.5% increase in childhood brain tumors from 1973 to 1988 and a 10.7% increase in the most common childhood malignancy, acute lymphocytic leukemia. And who doesn’t know a child with ADHD or ADD today, which increased 66% from 2000 to 2010, according to a recent study.
To understand why children are getting sicker despite the fact that medical technology is constantly evolving, one must trace the issue of kids’ deteriorating health not only to the prenatal period (while a woman is pregnant), but to the preconception period (before a woman becomes pregnant). According to David Berger, M.D., FAAP, preconception care includes two primary elements. “It’s a matter of testing to see if there are things missing like zinc, iron, or the thyroid hormone.” Also, Berger said it is not enough to see if the woman has a sufficient amount of folic acid; she should also consult with her physician to make sure that her folic acid is being activated by her body. “The idea is to optimize all of that nutrition. Preconception care involves removing that which is a problem and giving that which is missing,” Berger said.
“Removing that which is a problem” requires a process of detoxification, an important aspect of preconception care. In 2005, the Environmental Working Group published a widely publicized study, “Body Burden – The Pollution in Newborns,” in which they reported that researchers at two major laboratories found an average of 200 industrial chemicals and pollutants in umbilical cord blood from 10 babies born in U.S. hospitals. Although the study group may have been small, those findings dispelled prior medical theories that the placenta shielded cord blood – and the developing baby – from most chemicals and pollutants in the environment. Environmental toxins appear to be a key contributor to most chronic disease conditions, but for the very young who are especially susceptible to these contaminants, the effects can be devastating.
Many men and women take multivitamins prior to conceiving and many women take a prenatal vitamin during their pregnancy. Unsettlingly, the Government Accountability Office prepared a report in 2009, which revealed that nearly all of the herbal dietary supplements tested in a congressional investigation contained trace amounts of lead and other contaminants. Couples who are trying to improve their health before conceiving should not have to worry that their contaminated supplements are actually harming their health.
With the knowledge of how contaminants and toxins negatively affect the health of all people, including vulnerable babies, Kirkman® developed its Before Baby™ line. As with all of Kirkman’s other products*, Kirkman® tests its Before Baby™ products for more than 950 environmental contaminants using its Ultra Tested® protocol. Developed in 2011, this protocol calls for testing for 24 heavy metals, bacteria, yeast, mold and common allergens. No other supplement company in the world offers this degree of purity testing.
Do Healthy Parents Have Healthier Babies?
Many of our physician customers (many of whom have a high percentage of special needs children in their patient populations) believe this to be the case. Before Baby was developed to give prospective parents a foundational nutrition program to optimize their own health during the preconception and prenatal periods.

Products in the Before Baby™ Line include:
Having healthy children with strong, healthy immune systems depends heavily on the parents also having healthy immune responses that protect them from contracting illnesses that upset their body chemistry. Kirkman’s Before Baby™ Immune Assist is a powerful combination of vitamins, minerals, and herbal constituents that specifically address healthy immune support. This product is formulated so it can be taken in addition to any daily vitamin product already in a given regimen.
It is universally accepted that toxins, chemicals, pesticides and other contaminants consumed by parents can negatively affect the health of their offspring.  Kirkman’s Before Baby™ Natural Cleanse is a combination of detoxifying ingredients that help the body rid itself of these contaminants. Included are natural, organic fruits and vegetables that are known to be natural detoxifying agents as well as the vitamins, minerals and herbs which work synergistically with the detoxification process.
Increased levels of vitamin D consumption have been shown to improve overall good health, support immune system activity and provide calcium balance. Many doctors are now recommending higher levels than in the past. Vitamin D is better absorbed in the presence of food, which is why Kirkman’s Before Baby™ Vitamin D-3 2000 IU is formulated with organic fruits and vegetables.
Antioxidants are compounds that terminate chain reactions that occur in cells when free radicals are formed by oxidation reactions. When left unchecked, these change reactions can cause changes to cell structure and eventual death of the cell. Antioxidants can help prevent this from occurring and have been investigated in cancer, heart disease and other diseases. Kirkman’s Before Baby™ Antioxidant blend contains the most powerful antioxidant combination we could formulate to prevent free radical activity in the body.
The perfect multiple vitamin and mineral to ensure a healthy nutritional profile for men who are planning to have a family. Includes the most recent potency updates, trace minerals and Coenzyme Q10.
The perfect multiple vitamin and mineral to ensure a healthy nutritional profile for women who are planning to have a baby. This formulation includes the most recent potency updates, trace minerals and Co Enzyme Q-10.
Kirkman’s Before Baby™ PreNatal Advanced Care Vitamin Mineral Formula is a complete prenatal vitamin for pregnant women. It contains all the nutrients required for the health of the mother and the baby in recognized safe potencies. Furthermore, it is hypoallergenic and Ultra Tested® to ensure the absence of any potential contaminants. This prenatal should be the choice for sensitive expectant mothers.
Healthy intestinal flora in prospective parents is extremely important because flora are involved in immune response, proper digestion and overall gastrointestinal health. Deficiencies in these areas can be passed on the offspring. Kirkman’s Before Baby™ 7-strain probiotic is the perfect maintenance probiotic to insure a healthy gut flora on a continuing basis.

For more information, CLICK HERE to download Kirkman's Before Baby™ Protocol.

*except lotions, oils and creams