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COO Larry Newman Discusses Ultra Tested®

Why Ultra Tested® Is Important?


By Larry Newman
Chief Operating Officer
Technical & Regulatory Affairs
Kirkman Group, Inc.
There are not a lot of certainties in life anymore, but one indisputable fact is that the world we live in is changing dramatically, and many of the changes occurring are not positive.  One of those negative changes affecting all our lives is that our world's environment is becoming more and more polluted.

Our water supply is not as pure as it once was.  The air we breathe is more polluted and the food we eat contains higher levels of contaminants than it used to because the soil is being compromised all over the world from impurities that industry is releasing into the environment and into our water.

As these undesirable changes are occurring, the scientific world is getting smarter and more knowledgeable about the effects of these environmental changes on plant and animal life.  The conclusions coming from these advancements in knowledge don't present a very pretty picture for our future.
Scientists Link Disease to Environmental Elements

There is mounting scientific data emerging that links many disease states to negative environmental elements present in the world.  Negative environmental factors have been implicated in:

•  developmental disorders
•  brain conditions
•  diseases of the immune system
•  a myriad of other serious disease states
    These environmental pollutants can affect the body in numerous ways.  Natural body defense mechanisms such as immune response can be bombarded with these insults, thereby becoming less effective because of toxic load.  This can lead to chemical or heavy metal poisoning.  Furthermore, biochemical pathways may be altered, leading to abnormal body responses, and genetic makeup can change how individuals actually develop leading to potential disease states and abnormal growth and/or development.  Some of these potential changes can be immediate, while others may take years to manifest.
    The frequency of many of these diseases and medical conditions is increasing, which leads to further speculation that outside environmental causative factors are involved.  Included in the list of environmental insults that can affect disease states are:

    •  toxic chemicals
    •  heavy metals
    •  pesticides
    •  bacteria
    •  mold
    •  yeast
    •  allergens
    Why Ultra Tested® Purity Testing Is Important
      Many of you are using dietary supplements to enhance good health and increase your intake of health promoting vitamins, minerals, herbs, spices and other dietary nutrients.  You probably have never though about your dietary or nutritional supplements being a potential contributor of the contaminants we have been discussing.  Well, environmental toxins are ubiquitous.  Even nutritional supplements, intended to enhave good health are subject to enviromental contamination.

    Also consider these facts:

    •  Vitamins are synthetically manufactured all over the world in hundreds of different factories from potentially contaminated soil.
    •  Herbs and spices are grown all over the world in potentially contaminated soil and then sprayed with pesticides to control insects, fungi and parasites.
    •  Dehydrated fruits and vegetables used in supplements can also be grown in contaminated soil and sprayed with pesticides.
    •  Many dietary ingredients contain common allergens, which should be avoided by many individuals.
    There aren't a lot of specific government regulations regarding purity testing for nutraceuticals.   Unless a manufacturer actually tests for contaminants - they cannot guarantee a product's purity.  This is why Kirkman's Ultra Tested® product line is so revolutionary.  Kirkman® tests every product it manufactures for more than 950 environmental contaminants including heavy metals, bacteria, yeast, mold, pesticides, fungacides, insecticides, biocides, endocrine disruptors and other harmful chemicals.

    Supplement Companies Generally Only Test for What is Required by the FDA

    Testing for potentially harmful cotaminants is difficult and expensive.  Detection for many of the most harmful toxins requires state-of-the-art equipment, methodologies and procedures.  Without these, manufacturers can know for sure what contaminants their products contain.

     Kirkman® uses only the most advanced and accepted methods and procedures for the Ultra Tested™ protocol.  Furthermore, Kirkman® uses only the newest technologies in testing equipment that can reliably detect some of the more important potentially harmful contaminants, which are considered harmful in minute amounts.  Kirkman's testing protocols to verify its products' purity far exceed what is required by the FDA or other regulatory agencies.  Kirkman® will test every product it manufactures for more than 950 potentially harmful environmental contaminants.
    You should be absolutely sure that the nutritional supplements you're taking are free of harmful contaminants because these can cause serious health problems.  Don't guess on the quality of the products you buy.  Look for the Ultra Tested® seal - it's your assurance of quality.