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What's New at Kirkman®

What's New At Kirkman®

September 2014

Kirkman® partners in Stop-the-Fall program

December 2013

Kirkman® Introduces Before Baby™ Line


Kirkman® launched the Before Baby™ line of products for preconception and prenatal care in early 2013.  This product line was formulated to help mothers and fathers to be stay healthy before, during and after baby. The line offers not only comprehensive multivitamins but also an antioxidant, an immune assist, a probiotic, high strength vitamin D and a natural cleanse. This protocol is patterned after the Foresight Study, which was based on optimizing nutrition and avoiding toxic compounds during pregnancy. All products in the Before Baby® line have been Ultra Tested® for more than 950 environmental contaminants.


For more information you can CLICK HERE to download Kirkman’s Before Baby™ protocol.


Kirkman’s President Invited to Speak at Multiple Events


David Humphrey, president and CEO of Kirkman Group, Inc., was asked to speak at various events on topics ranging from the history of autism to environmental toxins.


Humphrey gave the keynote address at the National College of Natural Medicine’s annual convocation ceremonies Sept. 20. He spoke out about the issue of environmental toxicity and how our toxic world is affecting the children of today. He discussed the increased cases of autism in the last 25 years, and noted that 1 in 50 children are diagnosed with autism today and 25 years ago the rate was 1 in 10,000.

To watch Humphrey’s keynote address CLICK HERE.


“This is not a genetic problem; this is an environmental epidemic,” he said.


He also was a featured speaker at Curando el Autismo and Autism Canada where he presented his talk entitled, “ Autism: The Past, Present and Moving Forward.” His presentation focused on the early history of autism, developments and treatments of the disorder and where the future of autism is going. He used a ten-to-one format and counted down the 10 biggest breakthroughs in autism over the past 25 years.


Autism Canada tweeted that they were hooked on every word Humphrey spoke and said they could tell he had genuine passion for the cause.



To watch the presentation, “Autism: The Past, Present and Moving Forward” CLICK HERE.


Kirkman® to Launch “60 to 90” Line of Supplements in December


In the last half-century, major gains in life expectancy were driven by finding ways to reduce mortality from fatal diseases. But now disabled life expectancy is rising faster than total life expectancy, leaving the number of years that one can expect to live in good health unchanged or diminished.

In 2009, the latest year for which data are available, the number of Americans 60 years and older was close to 50 million. By 2030, it will be about 92 million, twice as many as in 2000.

Taking proactive steps for the prevention of chronic diseases is most effective and affordable method of healthcare especially through dietary intervention and biochemical measurements.

Kirkman’s “60 to 90” nutritional supplement program will be a revolutionary protocol designed to keep people healthy and independent through age 90.

Kirkman® is developing a platform that will use various dry fluid tests and practical supplement regimens that they believe can help give a 60-year-old 360 more months of wellness.

January 2013

Kirkman® Starts the New Year With New Products and Catalog
New Products
Kirkman® is pleased to offer you six important new products. For a product description, click on the name of the product. To purchase, please click on the Add to Cart icon.
 Product Description
 Product No
 Form  Size  Price Add to Cart
 Bone Health - Hypo  0494-120  Capsules  120 Ct.
 Homocysteine Guard - Hypo  0493-120  Capsules  120 Ct.
 L-Theanine - Hypo  0515-100  Capsules  100 Ct.
 Vitamin D-3 4000 IU - Hypo  0434-120  Capsules  120 Ct.
 Coenzyme Q10 120 mg  0492-090  Capsules  90 Ct.
 Iron 25 mg - Hypo - Bio Max   0514-120  Capsules  120 Ct.
New Catalog
Kirkman® also has a new redesigned catalog that we hope you'll like! It's half the original size so it's easier to carry and store. It's in full color with lots of illustrations to make your reading experience livelier and more user friendly. We've also rewritten the articles and summaries to better inform you of each product's form and function.

During the first quarter of 2013 we'll be including a FREE catalog with every order while supplies last. You may also download our catalog.

 June 2011

Kirkman® CEO Receives "Autism Hero" Award

Portland, OR, June 23, 2011 – David Humphrey, noted philanthropist and president and CEO of Kirkman® will be honored by the Northwest Autism Foundation for his contribution to the cause of autism awareness.  Humphrey will receive the foundation's first-ever "Hero of Autism" award at a banquet to be held at the Rose Garden Arena on Saturday, June 25.

“The Hero of Autism award recognizes someone who has really done a lot for the cause,” said Joe Taylor, executive director of the Northwest Autism Foundation. “We couldn’t think of anyone more deserving than Humphrey to receive the first award. He has done so much in so many areas and he’s made some real advancements around the world in the projects he’s headed up for us.”
May 2011

Kirkman® Introduces Ultra Tested™

We introduced our new Ultra Tested™ products at the Autism Research Institute Conference in Atlanta and Autism One in Chicago.

Ultra Tested® products will be tested for more than 950 environmental contaminants -   the highest standard of purity testing in the nutraceutical industry.  No other nutritional supplement company in the world offers this degree of purity testing.
Click Here to See Response from Our Customers

Clic Here to READ MORE About Ultra Tested®


 April 2011

New Product
Detox Diet and Complexing Aid Detoxifies with Organic Fruits and Vegetables
Detox Diet and Complexing Aid was added to the Kirkman® product line.

This product is a detoxification formula made from a special blend of organic fruits and vegetables.  Other nutraceutical ingredients that work synergistically with fruits and vegetables to enhance their detoxification properties were also added.  The result is a detoxification aid that is naturally based and can be used safely without the side effects that prescription detox drugs may have. 


April 2011

Kirkman® Starts YouTube Channel

You can now see us and hear us on our YouTube Channel at www.youtube.com/KirkmanVitamins.  Find out our suggestions on how to get your child to take supplements.  Hear all about our new Ultra Tested™ line and watch our customers talk about Ultra Tested.

April 2011
Kirkman® Launches New Facebook Page
You can now network with us on Facebook atwww.facebook.com/KirkmanVitamins.  Ask us questions or follow our posts for information regarding new products, promotional offers and other news.  We will also post studies and articles on topics that we think may be of interest to you.

March 2011

Kirkman® Sponsors Radio Show
"Ask the Nutritionist" on AutismOne Radio
Diet, nutrition and nutritional supplements are critical issues for many of our customers.  To explore these topics, Kirkman® is sponsoring a monthly radio show on AutismOne featuring dietician and author, Judy Converse.  The show is hosted by Teri Arranga, director of AutismOne and Rhonda Mulford, head of services for Kirkman®.

Tune in for this soup-to-nuts show about vitamins, minerals, other nutrients, special diets and more with practical applications to the daily life.  The shows air every second and fourth Wednesday of the month at 1 p.m. PST.