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David Humphrey

David Humphrey is President, C.E.O., and owner of Kirkman Group, Inc., a group of companies including Kirkman®, a nutraceutical company, Kirkman Labs, a pharmaceutical company and he is co-owner of Purity Laboratories, Inc, an environmental laboratory.

Kirkman® and Kirkman Labs celebrate 62 years as manufacturers of quality products.  Humphrey purchased Kirkman from his father in 2001.  Kirkman® is located in Lake Oswego, OR and Reno, NV.  Kirkman Labs and Purity Laboratories are in Portland Oregon.  Kirkman® was named one of the "Top 100 Companies to Work for in Oregon" and also one of the "Top 100 Green Companies in Oregon."

Humphrey has been devoted to work involving chronically ill children and children on the autism spectrum for many years and is a member of the national boards of numerous non-profit organizations. Humphrey co-founded the Autism Treatment Network, which continues under the Autism Speaks organization as a network of hospitals and physicians dedicated to establishing treatment protocols for autism.  Humphrey also founded the Autism Coalition for Treatment, which focuses on establishing treatment services globally for individuals with autism and the Autism Forum that holds international consensus conferences on issues relating to children's health.

Humphrey is also an attorney and entrepreneur who founded several other large companies, including Maui Gold, Inc., formerly, Honolulu Premium Products that was named by Inc. Magazine to its Inc. 500 list of fastest growing companies in the nation for four consecutive years.  He also founded the Humphrey corporation that manufactured most of the frisbee type flying saucers in the world under his ownership.

Humphrey graduated from Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon and the University of Washington Law School.  He became a member of MENSA International during law school.  He also founded a public interest law firm called WashPIRG based in Seattle, Washington. WashPIRG was initially funded by an annual contribution from over 250,000 college and university students in the State of Washington. It became the model for Ralph Nader's PIRG organizations across the county. This year, WashPIRG is celebrating its 30th year of public service.  He also taught business and marketing at Hawaii Pacific University in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Board and Affiliations

• Co-founder, Board Member, Autism Treatment Network (ATN)
• President, Autism Forum
• Vice President, Autism Coalition for Treatment (ACT)
• Board Member, Autism Reasearch Institute
• Board Member, Northwest Autism Foundation
• Easter Seals Planning Committee
• Former Board Member, Autism Society of America
• President, Made in Hawaii Association


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